e-Support Services

Real-time electronic support solutions reduce therapy delays through automated processes

e-Support Services empower healthcare providers and patient support teams with real-time solutions that allow technology to drive processes and people to improve patient outcomes.

Accelerate patient onboarding and ensure timely access to crucial support services

Integrate e-support solutions into iAssist, CRMs, branded engagement websites and life sciences organizations’ brand websites.

iAssist – The most comprehensive specialty therapy initiation platform integrates e-support services to automate processes and speed access to therapy

Branded engagement websites – Integrate e-support services into branded healthcare provider- and patient-facing engagement websites to meet providers in their workflow and patients in their lifeflow

Life sciences organizations brand websites – Incorporate e-support services into manufacturer websites with integrated APIs and widgets 

CRMs – Integrate e-support services into internal Patient Solutions CRM systems to alleviate manual, paper-based processes and improve operational efficiency


Digital capture of patient consent in the office or through secure electronic portals.


Surescripts certified platform supports e-prescribing with structured prescriptions that include dose, quantity, refills and SIG.

Advanced Benefit Verification

Leverages Surescripts, multiple data sources and proprietary algorithms to provide immediate access in real time to patient coverage, patient out-of-pocket cost, drug access restrictions and fill options.

Real-time e-Prior Authorization

Intuitive, automated process for submitting prior authorizations in near real time, improving processing from days to minutes.


Capture of patient and provider information to enroll patients into support programs.

Financial Assistance Access

Real-time access to financial assistance availability, eligibility and enrollment through a single, automated workflow.

Patient Services Access

Enables healthcare providers to proactively and digitally access additional support services for patients.

Specialty Pharmacy Selection

Rapidly e-prescribe to the specialty pharmacy of the healthcare provider or patient’s choice.

Patient Status Updates

Immediate access to patient status from prescription through dispense utilizing integrations with specialty pharmacies, copay vendors, data aggregators and more.