At AssistRx, we remain focused on supporting our healthcare providers in caring for their patients and providing high-quality healthcare services as needed. Our support staff remains fully staffed and available should you require further assistance.

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AssistRx Celebrates 11th Anniversary: Our Year in Review and Path Forward

AssistRx Enables Continuity of Care, Even in Challenging Times

Value AssistRx Delivers:

Increase patient uptake.
Gain therapy visibility.
Improve outcomes.

Leverage an intentional integration of technology and therapy expertise to deliver informed touchpoints, simplifying a complex system to enable better results for today’s patients.

Balanced and Unique

Streamline enrollment, reduce therapy disruptions and utilize real-time visibility to create unique, informed connectivity that improves program experience and outcomes.

Innovative and Interoperable

Utilize technology that works seamlessly with the systems and processes that support a successful patient journey. The entire AssistRx platform is flexible, scalable and interoperable with today’s technology standards.

Proven and Performance-Minded

AssistRx is the only independent provider of an integrated solution, offering the dual benefit of a stable, mature company that delivers with the nimble, responsive attitude of an entrepreneurial team.

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Therapy Initiation and Patient Support

We connect all stakeholders involved in the enrollment process through technology-enabled and expertise-enhanced workflows to accelerate patient onboarding and ensure access to critical support services.

Patient Education and Adherence

Through a combination of highly efficient digital communication with specialty therapy expertise, we facilitate a successful patient journey and improve patient outcomes.

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Therapy Insights and Analytics

Our solutions enable access, aggregation and analysis of data throughout the patient experience to inform program decisions and optimize program performance.

At AssistRx, we believe that access to therapy transforms lives and is achieved through the powerful combination of our people and technology.

We have engineered the perfect blend of technology and talent to provide the specialty pharmaceutical industry with an intelligent therapy initiation and patient support solution to improve patient uptake, visibility and outcomes.

Our solution integrates technology and therapy expertise to advance patient therapy in a more efficient and effective manner—delivering informed touchpoints that simplify a complex system to enable better results for today’s patients.

We are a trusted partner for delivering leading technology and people solutions that connect every stakeholder - patients, healthcare providers, specialty pharmacies, life sciences organizations and more. Our solutions accelerate patient access to therapy, improve outcomes and scale with the changing needs of the brand over the product lifecycle.


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