Direct-to-patient, technology-driven pharmacy platform

Alternative model pharmacy improves access and gets patients on therapy faster through technology-initiated patient support services.

From an EHR, prescribers can automate prescription, reimbursement, enrollment and fulfillment processes utilizing AssistRx’s proprietary suite of e-support services, as well as deliver a more efficient approach and most cost-effective option for the patient.

Gain positive access to therapy and reduce brand substitution

Using e-coverage solutions, the pharmacy can provide immediate and specific patient coverage information to determine patient eligibility for support programs and best out-of-pocket option—whether triaged to dispense from our pharmacy network or dispensed as a cash-pay option from CoAssist Pharmacy.

Automated therapy initiation and prescription fulfillment

Through automation and the comprehensive AssistRx network, CoAssist delivers a better patient affordability model and efficiently serves all patients—commercial, PAP/bridge, Medicare/Medicaid and cash—to accelerate access to therapy.

Cost-effective and efficient

Speed to therapy is key for conversion and adherence to a patient's prescribed therapies. With CoAssist, prescriptions are fulfilled in 2-4 days. 

Minimize pharmacy switches, maximize brand margins

Channel patients to the best prescription fulfillment option based on their benefit design while disintermediating the traditional supply chain and associated costs.