Specialty Pharmacies

Empower healthcare providers with specialty pharmacy-specific workflows in iAssist

Comprehensive, real-time specialty therapy initiation platform, iAssist, simplifies the process of getting patients on therapy while facilitating therapy journey visibility. This improves specialty pharmacies’ efficiency, enhances the patient and healthcare provider experience and improves treatment outcomes.

Direct-to-specialty pharmacy enrollments with iAssist

Leading specialty pharmacies across the nation have joined the AssistRx Specialty Pharmacy Network to give their patients and healthcare providers quicker access to their prescribed therapies and support services.

Through AssistRx’s integrated access solution, iAssist, healthcare providers access all the e-support services needed to get their patients started on therapy quickly—and send a full enrollment package to the specialty pharmacy. iAssist for direct-to-specialty pharmacy enrollments offers many advantages:

– Reduces missing, incomplete or inaccurate information that can delay therapy initiation

– Integrations with specialty pharmacies facilitate a full view of the prescription status in real time 

– Eliminates duplicative work between the hub and specialty pharmacy

– Streamlines the process for healthcare providers to simplify a complex system and speed therapy access

See why specialty pharmacies partner with AssistRx to empower their healthcare providers and patients.

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"By integrating AssistRx’s technology into our pharmacies, we can better serve our patients and with increased speed to therapy, quick access to support programs, easy visibility into patient status, and better coordination of care."

Brian Hille, Vice President, Specialty and Wellness Services, Albertsons Companies