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iAssist Overview/Updates

Patient Assistance Programs and Types of Assistance

Patient assistance programs (or PAPs) are generally sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide free drug or financial assistance to patients who are uninsured or underinsured. Patients who qualify for patient assistance programs can receive medication for little or no cost, helping the most in-need patients gain access to therapy if...

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How iAssist Delivers Immediate Drug Price Transparency

Several studies have found that as a patient’s out-of-pocket cost share rises, primary adherence—or the patient’s first prescription fill and use as prescribed—drops significantly. According to IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science’s “Report: Medicine Spending and Affordability in the United States” released in August 2020, prescription abandonment rates are less...

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Pharmaceutical Commerce—Today’s hub blueprint: Lock in on the journey

Pharmaceutical Commerce, a publication written for biopharma commercial executive decision-makers focusing on business processes and the technologies involved in how approved drugs go to market, included AssistRx in its March 2021 Hubs and Patient Support issue.In "Today's hub blueprint: Lock in on the journey," AssistRx Patient Solutions Division President Jan...

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How iAssist Improves Prior Authorization

iAssist is the most comprehensive therapy initiation platform available to healthcare providers. One of the platform’s most utilized and impactful solutions is real-time electronic prior authorization. The iAssist platform provides automated, pre-populated prior authorization forms that guide the user through the prior authorization submission process, returning determinations within minutes to...

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