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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use iAssist to prescribe other medications?
Why should I use iAssist when entering patient information online takes longer than simply pressing a button on the fax machine?
Do I have to pay for iAssist or install new software?


How do I set up an account in iAssist?
How do I change my password in iAssist?

Using iAssist

What medications can I prescribe in iAssist?
What are Specialty Medications?


Does everyone in my practice have to register with an email address?
Why do you need the doctor’s signature?
What is the verification process and where do the questions come from?

Electronic Prescriptions and Enrollment Forms

Do I still need to manually fill out patient enrollment forms and fax them to the patient support program for the medication I am prescribing?
Can I use iAssist to electronically prescribe refills?
What kind of updates will I receive through iAssist in regards to the prescriptions I have submitted?
Can I view the documents submitted for my patient?
Does an eligibility check verify the patient’s insurance coverage?

Prior Authorizations

Can I submit a Prior Authorization in iAssist?
Can I submit a Prior Authorization form without submitting an electronic prescription?
Can I submit an electronic prescription without submitting a Prior Authorization form?
Does iAssist provide status updates on prior authorizations?
How often is the Prior Authorization library updated?
How do I know if the Prior Authorization form presented in iAssist is the correct form?

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

I already have access to EHRs – why would I want to use iAssist?
Will iAssist update my current EHR system?
How do I get documents from iAssist into the patient record in my EHR?

Patient Authorization

What if my patient is not available to sign a Patient Authorization form?
What if the patient provided a digital signature, and I provided all required information, but the consent
form is not visible on the Documents tab?


If I am having an issue or have a question while using iAssist, who can I contact?
What can I do if I am unable to connect to Live Chat?

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