Non-commercial Pharmacy Services

Non-commercial specialty pharmacy ensures timely access to therapy

Improve patient access and adherence with free drug dispense from our state-of-the-art non-commercial specialty pharmacy.

Our team works with our life sciences organization partners to design and implement free drug dispense services that improve patient access, adherence, and patient, caregiver and provider experiences.

Free drug program capabilities include:

Support Programs

Our non-commercial specialty pharmacy services include free drug dispense to qualified patients as part of life sciences companies’ support programs.
  • – Starter Packages
  • – Quick Start
  • – Bridge/Interim Care
  • – Patient Assistance Programs
  • – Free Trial
  • – Voucher/eVoucher
  • – Replacement Product

Pharmacy Services

Our experienced pharmacy team provides services essential to the success of free drug programs, supporting positive patient and healthcare provider experiences for life sciences brands.
  • – Pharmacist Counseling and Education
  • – Supplemental Therapy Education Materials
  • – Drug Utilization Reviews
  • – Custom Titration Packaging
  • – Blister Packaging
  • – Outbound Scheduling and Site-of-care Coordination
  • – Refill Reminders

How have our patient solutions teams improved specialty therapy programs?

"Please pass this message along to your supervisors that I have loved the experience I have had with you. You always get things done quickly and because of that my symptoms have already improved. You provide the best experience and great customer service as well!"