AssistRx Patient Solutions

The perfect blend of technology and talent to optimize patient access and support

Combine therapeutic expertise and digital solutions to improve patient outcomes. Empower the patient journey with tailored therapy initiation and patient support, patient education and adherence, and therapy insights and analytics services that meet the unique needs of today’s patient, caregiver and healthcare provider populations.

Enhance the patient experience with stratified and strategic touchpoints

Experience the difference of precisely planned touchpoints through a blend of technology and disease-specific interactions to create a patient experience that is secure, engaging and measurable.


Support patient adherence with financial assistance services and programs including:

– Copay Assistance

– Patient Assistance Programs

– Voucher/eVoucher

– Quick Start

– Bridge/Interim

– Sample/Trial

– Alternate Coverage


Improve patient access through a balance of technology and talent that streamlines reimbursement and case management support. 

– Benefit Investigation

– Prior Authorization

– Appeals

Clinical Support

Meet patients and healthcare providers where they are with touchpoints stratified by communication preferences, adherence risk and other factors that allow you to reach healthcare providers in their workflow and patients in their lifeflow. 

– Patient and HCP Education 

– Virtual and Onsite Injection Training

– Call Center- and Field-based Nurses

– Compliance and Adherence Support

– Clinical Contact Center

How have our patient solutions teams improved specialty therapy programs?

"I was going to stop the injections because I couldn’t afford the medicine until you helped me. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I will tell you again how very pleased I am with the product and your service. You folks must have a well-oiled machine because dealing with you is so easy and uncomplicated. … I hope you are as proud of your workforce as I am in dealing with you."


iAssist is the only streamlined solution that includes real-time automation for e-prescribing, e-prior authorization, e-consent and more.