Improve speed to therapy and ensure access to patient support programs

The e-Consent tool allows for the electronic capture of patient consent in the office or via email, as well as through an iAssist workflow, branded engagement site, the brand website, HIPAAConsent.com or Patient Solutions CRM.

An analysis of patient e-consent with iAssist found a 90% patient consent capture rate.

Leverage identification-driven consent capture to obtain:

  • – Patient consents
  • – Attestations
  • – Enrollments into manufacturer-sponsored support programs

Benefits of e-Consent:

  • – Allows the consent to be shared with multiple stakeholders
  • – Provides an opportunity to present the patient with a branded experience
  • – Eliminates the need to mail applications to patients, which can delay access to therapy

If consent cannot be captured in office, healthcare providers can utilize HIPAAConsent.com, a dedicated, non-branded website developed to securely and digitally capture patient consent.

iAssist is the only streamlined solution that includes real-time automation for e-prescribing, e-prior authorization, e-consent and more.