Real-time Electronic Prior Authorization

Speed the prior authorization process time with real-time solutions

Intuitive, automated process for submitting prior authorizations in near real time—improving processing time from days to minutes.

Connectivity for real-time e-prior authorization submission for more than 80% of payer covered lives

Leveraging leading e-prior authorization service providers, such as the Surescripts Electronic Prior Authorization tool and other payer and PBM connections, our Real-time e-Prior Authorization tool provides:

  • – Ease of use and electronic submission reduce the back-and-forth and improve speed to therapy
  • – Targeted form results based on a combination of the product and the patient’s payer
  • – Pre-populated questions and response options simplify the process
  • – Supporting document upload, including letter of medical necessity, and notes section
  • – Rapid response times on approvals and/or clarifying questions from the payer/PBM
  • – Real-time status updates

Eliminate paper-based prior authorization forms that can lead to missing, inaccurate or incomplete information

Using our Real-time e-Prior Authorization tool, healthcare providers can prospectively and electronically complete a prior authorization for the patient’s prescribed therapy, pre-populating only relevant questions and response options for the appropriate prior authorization request based on a combination of the product and the patient’s insurance coverage. 

Through real-time connectivity to payers and PBMs, determinations can be returned in as little as one minute.

Prior authorization status updates in real time

Our real-time e-prior authorization tool can be accessed through iAssist, patient and provider engagement sites, the brand website and Patient Solutions CRM. All users who complete a prior authorization in iAssist—both e-Fax-based and digital—receive status updates, including notification of the decision.

iAssist is the only streamlined solution that includes real-time automation for e-prescribing, e-prior authorization, e-consent and more.