Patient Status

How does iAssist improve patient status visibility?

Powered by integrations with specialty pharmacies, copay vendors, data aggregators and more, iAssist features bi-directional communication for immediate access to patient status updates from prescription through dispense.

Keep all stakeholders up to date with real-time bi-directional messaging center

Facilitate up-to-date, actionable information on the patient from any source connected to the platform to empower informed patient management and support, along with enhanced office communications and efficiency.

Improved office efficiency and communications

Assign tasks and follow-up reminders to office staff to drive office efficiency and speed patient access. 

Real-time status updates improve awareness through each step of the patient journey. This empowers life sciences organizations and healthcare providers with informed decision making to speed therapy initiation and improve primary adherence.

iAssist is the only streamlined solution that includes real-time automation for e-prescribing, e-prior authorization, e-consent and more.