Simplify patient access and accelerate time-to-therapy to improve patient adherence, compliance, and outcomes.



Seamlessly integrate therapy-specific care management — from enrollment to adherence.



iAssist is already accelerating time-to-therapy for over 60+ brands, and being prescribed by 11,000 HCPs in 150+ EHRs.


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Leverage the power of cloud-based technology to deliver a better experience for providers and better outcomes for patients

Accelerated Time-to-Therapy

iAssist removes the hurdles to starting therapy created by paper forms, faxes, and an inconsistent provider and patient experience.

Easy to Use

iAssist’s configured acceleration services make it easy for providers and patients to complete and submit forms, exchange important information, track cases, follow up, and more.

Enhanced Patient Access

iAssist streamlines the needed steps to prescribe, distribute, and administer specialty and highly-managed medications.

Integrated with EHR and Third Party Platforms

iAssist works with over 150+ EHR vendors, simplifying provider workflows at the point of care.

Reduce Primary Non-Adherence

iAssist has been shown to reduce a 12% primary non-adherence rate to 0.21% .1

1 Data on file.

Improve Overall Adherence

iAssist has been shown to reduce a 5% discontinuation rate after first fill to 0.02%.1

1 Data on file.

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  • I already have access to EHRs – why would I want to use iAssist?

    iAssist is designed to support patients using specialty and complex therapy medications, and is tailored for specific pharmaceutical patient support programs. If you use a system other than iAssist, your patient may not be enrolled in these additional programs. iAssist is now available in some EHRs. Contact your EHR and ask about iAssist today!

  • Will iAssist update my current EHR system?

    If you access iAssist through one of our EHR partners, we are able to pull in your patient and prescription information – limiting data entry – as well as send documents and status updates back to your EHR. If you are accessing iAssist directly then you will not have an automated way to update your EHR. However, you can Print to PDF and save iAssist-generated forms for upload into your current EHR system.

  • How do I get documents from iAssist into the patient record in my EHR?

    You can print and scan, electronically fax, or save documents, then attach them to the patient record within iAssist.