Life Sciences

Experience the Intelligent Way to Initiate and Advance Specialty Therapies

Intelligent specialty therapy initiation and patient support solutions designed to increase patient uptake, provide visibility into the patient journey, and deliver analytics and insights to inform decisions.


The most comprehensive and efficient specialty therapy initiation platform.

This integrated therapy access solution streamlines therapy initiation at the healthcare provider level, while offering visibility to life sciences organizations and specialty pharmacies within their network.

e-Support Services

Connect stakeholders in the enrollment process through expertise-enhanced workflows. e-Support Services accelerate patient onboarding and ensure timely access to crucial support services. These digital tools can be integrated into iAssist, CRMs, branded engagement websites and life sciences organizations’ brand websites.

Patient Solutions

Enhance the patient journey with tailored access and reimbursement, adherence and persistency and non-commercial specialty pharmacy services that meet the unique needs of today’s patients.

Empower healthcare providers with real-time solutions that reduce therapy delays and optimize their workflows.

Patient Solutions Pharmacy

Ensure patients receive timely access to their prescribed therapies.

Deliver free drug dispense, such as trial, starter packages, bridge/interim care, patient assistance programs and hardship assistance programs for all types of products, including cold chain, warm chain and ambient temperature products.

Directive Analytics

Leverage real-time, relevant therapy insights and analytics to better inform program decisions and optimize program performance.

Access to actionable data in real time throughout each step in the patient journey and from multiple stakeholders ensures best-in-class experiences for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.


Deliver better patient care and improved treatment outcomes through actionable, real-time data.

Positive patient outcomes are powered through this cutting-edge platform designed to streamline and unite the complex ecosystem of therapy-specific care management.

A Performance-Minded Partner Delivers Intelligent Solutions

As the only independent provider of an integrated solution, we offer the benefit of mature solutions with an entrepreneurial-minded team for program performance only AssistRx can deliver.

Connected Systems Facilitate Visibility and Successful Patient Journeys

We enable true interoperability by working seamlessly with the systems and processes that support a successful patient journey.


The Right Balance of Tech + Talent Optimizes Program Performance

We engineered the perfect blend of technology and talent to deliver efficient solutions – from the point of prescription through therapy support.

Informed Touchpoints Simplify a Complex System

Our intentional integration of technology and therapy expertise informs every touchpoint to improve program experience and enable better results from care.

How have our solutions enhanced the patient journey?

See why life sciences organizations have chosen to partner with AssistRx and experience the intelligent therapy initiation and patient support solution that only we can offer.

The AssistRx patient solutions team transformed the patient and healthcare provider journey by establishing one-to-one relationships, building trust by keeping open lines of communication with the patients and healthcare provider. AssistRx’s commitment and focus on patient care, being the voice of the customer and providing world-class customer service was reflected in the significant increase in prior authorization approvals, decrease in patient fall out and overall program satisfaction with the white-glove service that was provided.