Patient Solutions

AssistRx Patient Solutions

The perfect blend of technology and talent to optimize patient access and support

Combine digital and therapy expert communication to improve outcomes through targeted delivery. Empower the patient journey with tailored access and reimbursement, adherence and persistency, and non-commercial specialty pharmacy services that meet the unique needs of today’s patient populations.

Experience the difference of precisely planned touchpoints through a blend of technology and disease-specific interactions to create a patient experience that is secure, engaging and measurable.

Reimbursement and Case Management

– Benefit Investigation

– Prior Authorization

– Appeal

Financial Assistance

– Copay

– Patient Assistance

– Quick Start

– Bridge

– Alternate Coverage

Clinical Support

– Compliance and Adherence

– Clinical Contact Center

– Patient and Provider Education and
   Training: In-home and In-office

Balanced and Unique

Streamline enrollment, reduce therapy disruptions and utilize real-time visibility to create unique, informed connectivity that improves program experience and outcomes.

Innovative and Interoperable

Utilize technology that works seamlessly with the systems and processes that support a successful patient journey. The entire AssistRx platform is flexible, scalable and interoperable with today’s technology standards.

Proven and Performance-Minded

AssistRx is the only independent provider of an integrated solution, offering the dual benefit of a stable, mature company that delivers with the nimble, responsive attitude of an entrepreneurial team.

How have our patient solutions teams improved specialty therapy programs?

See how we impact thousands of patients to support them throughout their therapy.

I am loving iAssist! Congrats on the growth iAssist will see in next year. You guys are making life so easy! I have nothing but the most positive things to say about iAssist to each and every pharma company that deals with MS drugs.