AssistRx Patient Solutions has extensive experience managing financial assistance programs

We manage:

  • – Real-time screening and enrollment into manufacturer-sponsored financial assistance programs
  • – Financial assistance counseling
  • – End-to-end copay assistance program eligibility and administration
  • – Medicare Part D LIS support
  • – Reverification support for commercial patients
  • – PAP auditing
  • – Re-enrollment support for PAP patients
  • – Contact information or referrals to third-party foundations per business rules

AssistRx also facilitates dispense of free drug and ancillary materials through our state-of-the-art non-commercial dispensing pharmacy. This state-of-the-art, 10,000-square-foot facility is licensed to dispense free drug in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. 

Copay Assistance

AssistRx has developed and administered copay programs since our founding. 

Our technology is capable of managing:

  • – Enrollment processes
  • – Electronic income qualifications
  • – CRM
  • – End-to-end copay program administration including:
  • Functionality design
  • Back-end adjudication
  • Developing and maintaining specialty pharmacy-, healthcare provider- and patient-facing engagement websites

Upon program enrollment through iAssist, branded engagement websites, life sciences organizations’ brand website or Patient Solutions CRM, the copay card can be immediately activated; downloaded, printed, emailed or texted to the patient and/or healthcare provider; and sent along with the prescription electronically to the pharmacy as a full enrollment package. Thus, we offer virtual and physical copay cards and vouchers that facilitate immediate access to therapy.

Patient Assistance Programs

AssistRx facilitates real-time, electronic screening and enrollment into life sciences organization-sponsored patient assistance programs (PAPs). Through our integrations with third parties, we can immediately identify patient eligibility per life sciences organization-specific business rules. Upon program approval, patients can be provided with a voucher to support immediate access to therapy.

  • – Real-time screening, income verification and approval through iAssist, engagement websites, life sciences organizations’ brand websites and Patient Solutions CRM
  • – Regular patient audit/reverification to convert patient assistance program patients to commercial script
  • – Rapid patient assistance program dispense through our non-commercial pharmacy

Case Study: 

– Developed iAssist workflow and branded engagement website for an HIV prevention product, facilitating 24/7 immediate access to therapy 

– Over a four-month period, achieved 1,800+ submissions equating to a 257% increase in share of the overall program PAP approvals

Quick Start Programs

AssistRx supports quick start programs to ensure patients experiencing a delay in insurance coverage can start therapy as soon as possible. This solution streamlines the process for healthcare providers and offers patients timely access to crucial therapies.

  • – Near-immediate dispense through our non-commercial specialty pharmacy

Interim/Bridge Programs

AssistRx supports bridge/interim programs to provide qualified patients already on therapy with coverage during a lapse in insurance. This solution streamlines the process for healthcare providers while ensuring continuity of care for patients.

  • – Near-immediate dispense through our non-commercial specialty pharmacy

Alternate Coverage

AssistRx offers numerous alternative coverage research programs that include evaluation for Low Income Subsidy/Extra Help, foundation funding search, and certified insurance counselors for accessing the Affordable Care Act.

  • – Determine whether the patient is a candidate for state funding or charitable foundation
  • – Conduct financial hardship assessment to identify current household size, income and additional assets–through either manual or electronic means

Case Study: 

– For a MS product, AssistRx secured $19.5 million in foundation assistance and supported 6,000+ patients in remaining on product

– For the MS product’s Medicare patients, AssistRx identified $12.9 million in funding over the life of the program