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Advantages of e-Prescribing with iAssist


Specialty therapies in particular can face hurdles to prescription fulfillment. Electronic prescribing (or e-prescribing) with iAssist gives prescribers and their staff the ability to proactively address prior authorization requirements, check patient benefits and more with the most comprehensive platform for specialty therapy initiation.  

With e-prescribing, healthcare providers can electronically enter prescription information into iAssist and securely send the prescription to the selected pharmacy. When a pharmacy receives the e-prescription, it can begin filling the medication right away without needing to spend time clarifying, entering data and making follow-up phone calls.

iAssist is Surescripts-certified

iAssist is a HIPAA-compliant, Surescripts-certified platform that supports e-prescribing with structured prescriptions that include dose, quantity, refills and SIG, as well as supportive therapies. iAssist provides instant connectivity to more than 77,000 pharmacies nationwide, including retail, long-term care, mail order and specialty pharmacies. 

e-Prescribing is the preferred method for healthcare providers

According to a Surescripts 2019 National Progress Report, e-Prescribing saw significant adoption between 2017 and 2019 among healthcare providers across practices and specialties. This growth was driven by easy connectivity to pharmacies nationwide, greater access to patient data information, improved workflows, increased drug transparency and enhanced automation.

  • —e-Prescribing made up 66% of all prescriptions in 2017, and increased to 80% of all prescriptions in 2019
  • —Healthcare providers used e-prescribing for both non-controlled and controlled substances at a higher rate in 2019 than the two previous years
  • —Specifically, e-prescriptions for non-controlled substances increased from 76% in 2017 to 86% in 2019
  • —The Surescripts Health IT Adoption & Innovation During COVID-19: 2020 Milestones Report stated 1 million prescribers were using e-prescribing in August 2020, an increase of more than 25,000 since December 2019

Benefits of e-Prescribing through iAssist

  • —Improve healthcare quality and patient safety by reducing medication errors and improving visibility into potential drug interactions
  • —Support continuity of care by allowing healthcare providers to electronically request prescription refills
  • —Improve adherence to prescribed therapies by submitting the e-prescription directly to the patient’s preferred pharmacy
  • —Reduce prescription fraud and lost prescriptions by allowing the prescriber to directly communicate with the pharmacy, as well as track prescriptions in real time
  • —Eliminate manual prescription processes that could lead to transmission of missing, incomplete or illegible information

Electronic prescribing with iAssist helps healthcare providers and patients

iAssist e-Prescribing advantages to your office

  • —Increased speed to therapy, resulting in better patient experiences and improved therapy adherence
  • —Greater efficiency, with access to multiple therapies and support programs, as well as reduced errors and back-and-forth
  • —Prepopulated forms and electronic prescription and prior authorization submissions remove the hassle of paperwork and improve office efficiency
  • —Electronic submittal of a complete enrollment package directly to the pharmacy of choice reduces delays at the pharmacy level
  • —Improved therapy insights that facilitate informed clinical decision-making and timely interventions

iAssist is the only platform to deliver a streamlined solution that includes true, real-time automation for e-prescribing, e-consent, drug cost transparency, e-prior authorization and more at no cost to healthcare providers.