World Congress Webinar: 2022 Patient and Healthcare Provider Expectations


Join Our Discussion on Today’s Patient Support Programs for Specialty Therapies

Over the past two years, the specialty pharmaceutical space has experienced significant changes—with COVID-19 being a catalyst for change across the healthcare continuum. While patients and healthcare providers demonstrated evolving expectations from life sciences organizations pre-pandemic, COVID-19 and new market entrants accelerated these changing expectations.

Healthcare industry stakeholders, including government agencies and payers, had to adapt quickly to meet the new needs brought on by COVID-19. Large-scale changes also had a cascading effect on healthcare provider offices, patients and caregivers. Healthcare providers sought new care models and revenue streams, while patients became accustomed to virtual support across all aspects of their lives. 

As healthcare providers and patients adapted to a new normal, many in the specialty pharmaceutical space predict their new expectations are here to stay, and adapting patient support programs to the new normal of engagement and communication is imperative.

What You Need to Know: 2022 Patient and Healthcare Provider Expectations

In association with World Congress—a leading provider of healthcare and life sciences content that brings together forward-thinking leaders, innovators and senior executives in person and online—AssistRx will hold our first webinar of the year, “What You Need to Know: 2022 Patient and Healthcare Provider Expectations.” The event will be held Thursday, Feb. 10 at 1 p.m. ET.

This interactive panel discussion will leverage the expertise of AssistRx President and CEO Jeff Spafford and Patient Solutions Division President Jan Nielsen, who, in addition to their extensive experience in all aspects of specialty pharmaceutical services, have spent the past two years enhancing solutions and adapting services to meet the needs of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and life sciences organizations in a post-COVID-19 healthcare landscape.

Register for “What You Need to Know: 2022 Patient and Healthcare Provider Expectations” to:

  • – Discuss how patient and healthcare provider expectations have changed in the past two years
  • – Determine which solutions and technologies are addressing these changing expectations
  • – Understand what these developments mean for patient support programs