What we do

An integrated access solution that includes technology-enabled therapy initiation workflows and high-quality patient support services.

We empower our partners to simplify a complex system for healthcare providers and patients, streamlining the process and facilitating timely access to therapy.

Technology Solutions

AssistRx’s dedication to the specialty pharmaceutical market and culture of innovation allow us unique insights into the dynamics and changing requirements of the industry and the ability to deliver a comprehensive solution that provides greater value for our customers. Our roots are firmly planted in the specialty pharmaceutical space, and we built our technology specifically for specialty products.

With the goal of transforming lives through access to therapy, we deliver technology that works seamlessly with the systems and processes that support a successful patient journey. Our entire platform was built to be flexible and scalable, as well as interoperable with today’s technology standards.

All patient solutions delivered by AssistRx are supported by our technology platform. The platform integrates data from every stakeholder. Each stakeholder has role-defined access to the platform to ensure consistent communication and coordination of care.


Healthcare providers who want a comprehensive platform for specialty therapy initiation choose iAssist. AssistRx is the only platform to deliver a streamlined solution that includes true, real-time automation. iAssist simplifies a complex system, so providers and patients get better results from care.

e-Support Services

AssistRx e-Support Services empower both healthcare and patient support providers with real-time solutions that accelerate patient onboarding and ensure timely access to crucial support services. E-Support Services include e-Consent, e-Prescribe, Real-time Pharmacy Benefits, Real-time e-PA and more. E-Support Services can be integrated into iAssist workflows, branded engagement sites, manufacturers’ brand websites and the patient solutions CRM.

Directive Analytics

Directive Analytics integrates data from all stakeholders throughout the patient journey in order to provide comprehensive, near real-time data exchange and reporting. Actionable analytics allow for the identification of reoccurring bottlenecks in the patient onboarding process, key areas of drop-offs and opportunities to intervene in the re-triage process. This supports key decision making at all levels, drives better cost efficiency, and improves patient and prescriber experiences.


Caret is a web-based platform created to align and streamline complex, therapy-specific care management. It delivers a clinically robust and configurable therapy management platform to ensure every touchpoint and clinical encounter is visible, documented and reportable to a patient’s practice team and pharmacy.

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Patient Solutions

Empowered by technology, the AssistRx Patient Solutions team supports patients, caregivers, providers and specialty pharmacies by facilitating therapy initiation and ongoing patient assistance. This team of experts has decades of experience navigating access and reimbursement challenges and supporting patients with adherence to their prescribed therapies.

Our team supports patients facing a variety of disease types, product types and a wide payer landscape. Leveraging our industry-leading technology, our patient solutions team improves the therapy journey for both healthcare providers and patients to support adherence and brand loyalty.

AssistRx Patient Solutions

AssistRx Patient Solutions delivers integrated reimbursement and clinical support to ensure a high-touch approach to managing product reimbursement, patient access to therapy, and supportive patient interactions for disease and therapy management.

We utilize a model of precisely planned touchpoints through a blend of both technology and disease-specific interactions to create a patient experience that is secure, engaging and measurable.

Our Patient Solutions CRM supports the brands we provide patient access support services to today. A unique factor of our CRM is its integration with our e-support services that are leveraged in iAssist. This unique blend of technology and talent drives operational efficiency for our clients’ programs and improved timely access to therapy for their patients.

AssistRx Patient Solutions Pharmacy

The AssistRx Patient Solutions Pharmacy facilitates free drug dispenses, such as trial, starter packages, bridge/interim care, patient assistance programs and hardship assistance programs, for all types of products, including cold-chain, warm-chain and ambient-temperature products.

Our dedicated staff of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have extensive experience coordinating with healthcare provider offices and patients to support patients on complex therapies, manage titration needs, offer visibility into the patient journey and ship free product to qualified patients.

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