Webinar Series: Patient Assistance Program Blueprint – Finding the Right Balance of Tech + Talent to Optimize Free Drug Programs


This three-part webinar series addresses the current state of Patient Assistant Programs (PAPs) in the U.S., how to tailor your PAP to meet the varying needs of patients and healthcare providers and best practices for building and maintaining brand loyalty.

Part 1

Evolving Patient and Provider Expectations in Today’s Environment

A discussion on the current state of Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) in the U.S. and what it means for your program design. Take an in-depth look at the growing importance of PAPs, the evolving needs and preferences among healthcare providers and patients, and how the perfect balance of tech and talent best serves these populations.

Part 2

Tailoring Your Program to Meet Stakeholder Needs

What to consider when designing your PAP and how to
tailor your program to meet the needs of various patient
and healthcare provider preferences. In Part 2, you will
also learn how to support stakeholders who may not
prefer digital methods.

Part 3

Building and Maintaining Brand Loyalty

Take an in-depth look at how to optimize your PAP for therapy initiation and reverification and review key metrics to improve program performance. In Part 3, you will also learn how to build and maintain patient and healthcare provider brand loyalty.