Technology Solutions

Directive Analytics

Leverage therapy insights and analytics to better inform program decisions and optimize program performance

Access actionable data in real-time throughout each step in the patient journey and from multiple stakeholders. Gain more relevant insights to optimize program performance.

Powered by our technology platform, Directive Analytics can integrate data from all stakeholders throughout the patient journey to provide comprehensive, near real-time data exchange and reporting. 

– Customized reporting on day-to-day data flow and key performance indictors 
– Reports reflect the patient’s journey from prescription to dispense and beyond
– Identify gaps in program design
– Provides solutions through agile modifications dependent on the program’s scalability

Balanced and Unique

Streamline enrollment, reduce therapy disruptions and utilize real-time visibility to create unique, informed connectivity that improves program experience and outcomes.

Innovative and Interoperable

Utilize technology that works seamlessly with the systems and processes that support a successful patient journey. The entire AssistRx platform is flexible, scalable and interoperable with today’s technology standards.

Proven and Performance-Minded

AssistRx is the only independent provider of an integrated solution, offering the dual benefit of a stable, mature company that delivers with the nimble, responsive attitude of an entrepreneurial team.