Company Overview/Updates

Supporting our Community During COVID-19: AssistRx Enables Continuity of Care, Even in Challenging Times


At AssistRx, we remain focused on supporting our healthcare providers in caring for their patients and efficiently initiating specialty therapies. We are here to help, and our support teams remain fully staffed and available to make sure providers and patients receive the highest quality of customer service and get better results from care.

We Are Here to Help. A Message from Our Founders

These trying times prove that, with technology and talent, we can all work together to become stronger, more resilient and innovative—even while physically apart. AssistRx was founded on this notion that with technology and talented remote-based access support experts, you can quickly enhance the patient journey and facilitate access and adherence to specialty therapies.  As this current challenge forces us to quickly adapt and shift to this new working paradigm, we stand ready to help with proven and scalable solutions.

  • We are fully staffed, trained and ready to assist providers and patients in need of initiation and ongoing specialty therapy access, support and financial assistance guidance.
  • We have a remote, distributed workforce with a robust set of support tools to ensure therapy access for patients during challenging times.
  • We have the ability to quickly deploy the next generation of support technologies and disaster recovery solutions efficiently and with little to no down time.
  • We have dedication and the highest level of work ethics engrained in our culture to always put the patients’ needs ahead of ours.

Jeff Spafford
President and CEO

Edward Hensley

A Message from our CTO

In this current environment, we are seeing more medical offices make the transition to virtual patient care and embrace cloud-based technology to solve the challenges associated with social distancing. Through iAssist, we have deployed broad access to a therapy initiation platform that supports this new paradigm and ensures access to patient therapy and support. We are working to further educate healthcare providers and their support staff on best practices and technologies to minimize disruption to patients and empower virtual care. 

In addition, we stand ready to support the likely increased need in patient assistance programs due to the economic downturn. With unprecedented unemployment rates, payer availability issues and the overall strain on the benefits claims process due to COVID-19, we have the capabilities to rapidly scale and support the dire need for these patient assistance programs. This underscores the importance technology plays in rapid deployment and enablement access and patient support solutions.

Neil Garnichaud

What Are Healthcare Providers and Health Systems Saying?

With the onset of COVID-19, patients and office staff alike are facing the challenges of remote work and telemedicine to provide patient treatment and support. 



New remote working conditions and telehealth offerings reduce physical access to my patients and the requirements to get them on therapy. 


iAssist provides a cloud-based solution available from any connected device to enroll and advance your patients on specialty therapy. This automated solution replaces faxing and allows for electronic patient consent, patient support enrollment, prescribing, status tracking and more from a single digital platform.


I don’t have physical access to quickly provide the prescriber’s signature for patient enrollment.


iAssist stores the prescriber’s signature and authorizes you to support your patients from any internet-connected device. The e-Enrollment tool provides for the digital capture of patient and provider information to enable enrollment into patient solutions. This digital, proactive tool improves your operational efficiency, while ensuring patients receive timely access to crucial services that support adherence.


With a remote work environment and stay-at-home mandates, I can’t secure a live signature from my patient in order to obtain consent.


iAssist allows for the capture of your patient’s electronic signature from any connected device. The digital capture of electronic patient consent improves speed to therapy and ensures patient access to manufacturer-sponsored patient support programs. Electronic patient consent captures consent at the point of care or interest in services to immediately enroll patients and avoid enrollment delays that can lead to primary non-adherence.


My EMR does not provide enough detail on specialty medication requirements, access to co-pay information or prior authorization requirements, nor does it allow me to enroll my patients in specialty medication assistance programs. 


The iAssist solution was specifically designed with a holistic approach to quickly initiate specialty therapies for patients. This efficient, intuitive platform reduces therapy delays, enables patient adherence and gives healthcare providers and staff visibility into the patient journey from prescription through therapy access. Available from any connected device, this cloud-based solution guides the user through a complex process. Beyond e-Prescribing, the automated platform guides users through the specialty therapy initiation process including e-Consent and e-Enrollment to manufacturer-sponsored programs, real-time pharmacy benefit verification, e-PA, status tracking and more.

How Can I Access and Leverage iAssist?

be together in the office, and more patients are learning to access care through telemedicine. Specialty patients still need their medication, and access barriers seem even more complex. At AssistRx we are here to support healthcare providers and their staff to accelerate therapy initiation through our cloud-based solution, iAssist.

iAssist delivers comprehensive, real-time automation to get patients on therapy quickly from any connected device. It means immediate access to a patient’s coverage, improved price transparency and the right prior authorization information in near real time. It means informed e-Prescribing and enrollment in patient support services and visibility through the process that allows patient status tracking and proactive support and follow up.  

Get started today. 

Has There Been an Impact to the iAssist Product Roadmap?

The good news is that we constantly listen to our provider customers and use those interactions to create enhancements to the iAssist platform. An iAssist 2.0 update—due out in early Q3 of 2020—will deliver additional capabilities for healthcare providers, remote workers and large health systems alike. Some of the enhancements you can expect include:

  • A further simplified next generation on-screen user experience.
  • Guided steps and call outs within the solution to further speed the process.
  • Additional Help Center tutorials and new user materials.
  • Continued data integration to further enhance our advanced benefit verification solutions.

As the world pivots to remote working conditions and telemedicine, be assured that we will continue to invest in solutions that enhance remote communication practices while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance standards.

Look for additional information on the new solutions and capabilities launching with iAssist 2.0 in the near future.