Specialty Pharmacies

Experience the Intelligent Way to Initiate and Advance Specialty Therapies

Comprehensive, real-time specialty therapy initiation solutions simplify the process of getting patients on therapy while facilitating therapy journey visibility to improve specialty pharmacies’ operational efficiency and the patient experience.

Empower healthcare providers with specialty pharmacy-specific workflows

Real-time, streamlined solutions get patients on therapy promptly and enable actionable insights to improve your operational efficiency and patient experience.

Direct-to-specialty pharmacy enrollments through iAssist improve provider and patient experience

Leading specialty pharmacies across the nation have joined the AssistRx Specialty Pharmacy Network to give their patients and healthcare providers quicker access to their specialty prescription medications and support services.

Through AssistRx’s integrated access solution, iAssist, patient prescription information is captured electronically—reducing missing, incomplete or inaccurate information—to streamline the process and delivery of prescriptions to the pharmacy.

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Reduces missing, incomplete or inaccurate information that can delay therapy initiation.

Gives the patient’s health support team, including the prescriber and pharmacy, a full view of the prescription status in real time.

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Offers the patient greater flexibility in prescription pick-up locations due to the proactive, easy-to-use pharmacy selection tool in the iAssist workflow.

Comprehensive Platform

Cloud-based, all-in-one automated solution to simplify the process of getting patients on specialty therapy and streamlining enrollment for patient support—moving patients to therapy more quickly and optimizing specialty pharmacies’ efficiency.


True Real-time Solutions

Proactive, digital capture of information and access to real-time statuses improves accuracy, consistency and communication with healthcare providers to improve the provider and patient experience.

Therapy Journey Visibility

Connected, data-driven solution allows proactive patient tracking, support and follow-up through real-time knowledge each step in the initiation process once the patient and e-Prescription leave the office to empower your team.

Check out our partners’ success stories

Hear from AssistRx Specialty Pharmacy Network members who choose iAssist to empower their teams and deliver better patient and provider experiences.

By integrating AssistRx’s technology into our pharmacies, we can better serve our patients and with increased speed to therapy, quick access to support programs, easy visibility into patient status, and better coordination of care.

Brian Hille, Vice President, Specialty and Wellness Services, Albertsons Companies

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