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AssistRx President and CEO Jeff Spafford Discusses Specialty Therapy Insights with Surescripts


AssistRx President and CEO Jeff Spafford was recently featured in a specialty medications article by health information network, Surescripts. In this article, Spafford provides his expertise on the opportunities and challenges in the specialty therapy industry, as well as how technology can improve the therapy journey for patients and healthcare providers (HCPs).

Throughout 2021, we saw numerous innovations in the industry as stakeholders became more tech-savvy and adopted more digital solutions. However, as Spafford discusses with Surescripts, it’s not about adopting digital services for the sake of having technology – it’s about how the solution is delivered. Technology adoption and utilization is highly dependent on meeting HCPs in their workflow and patients in their lifeflow.  

Another takeaway from 2021 is that HCPs and patients want information at the point of care. HCPs want technology that ensures they have all the information they need to make the right decision for their patient, and similarly, patients want technology that facilitates education and helps them make better-informed decisions.

More and more, our industry is converting from manual-driven efforts to technology-empowered solutions. It’s critical that e-solutions address the unique needs and preferences of patients, caregivers and HCPs. As such, Spafford advises to empower HCPs and those who support HCPs and patients with information that comes from agile technology solutions “so that they can spend much more time engaging their patients, understanding their individual needs and supporting them throughout this process.”

Learn how AssistRx delivers intelligent therapy initiation and patient support solutions that increase uptake, facilitate visibility and improve outcomes here. Learn more about Spafford’s specialty therapy insights in Surescripts’ article, “Specialty Medication Insights from a Prescriber and a Patient Assistance Program.”