Leading the Market in a Rapidly Changing Patient Solutions Landscape

How does your brand program stack up against the competition?

This panel-based webinar series addresses what specialty programs need to consider when creating not only meaningful patient and provider experiences, but also improved access and treatment outcomes. Join industry experts as they share their insights on how the best programs lead the market in an evolving landscape.

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Part 3 | Taking Your Education, Engagement and Adherence Programs from Acceptable to Exceptional

Join our panelists as they discuss which data and analytics bring value to your program. During this session, you’ll learn which data is most critical at each juncture in the product’s lifecycle and when and how to best deliver insights to brand and field teams. Learn how to power program performance with real-time integrations supported by the legacy expertise that makes your data actionable.

Gain deeper insights into the patient solutions landscape with Part 1 and 2 of our webinar series

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Part 1 | Market Changes Affecting Patient Access: Is Your Brand Ready?

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Part 2 | Factors to Consider Before Investing in a “Tech-enabled” Hub Model

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Part 4 | Digging Through the Data: What You Really Need to Know and How to Use It

August 11 | 2 p.m. ET

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