Optimizing Program Performance:

An Innovative Approach for Retail and Specialty Products

This webinar series addresses four areas brand and market access leaders for retail and specialty products need to consider to improve patient uptake, visibility and outcomes.

Part 1 | Tailoring Patient Support Solutions for Traditionally Underserved Product Segments

A discussion of market factors and the current approaches to supporting product segments that traditional patient solutions strategies can’t address. Take an in-depth look at current pharmacy models and the most important factors to consider as you build an optimal strategy that leverages interoperable, real-time automated solutions.

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Part 2 | Applying Cost-effective and Efficient Strategies to Improve Access to Therapy

Take an in-depth look at the factors contributing to increased patient cost-share and complexity of therapy access for patients. Explore patient-affordability models to improve access to retail and specialty products for all patient benefit designs.

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Part 3 | Maximizing Program Performance for Retail and Specialty Therapies

Discover the leading cause of failed program strategies and how retail and specialty brands are taking a new approach to maximize brand performance as well as patient treatment outcomes.

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CoAssist WBN P2E3
CoAssist Webinar Optimizing Program Performance Part 4

Part 4 | Take Action with Cross-Channel Insights Powered by Integrations

Uncover the true value real-time data can provide when combined with industry expertise to optimize program performance across your care continuum. Understand what data to consider and the resources needed to achieve program goals and treatment outcomes throughout the product lifecycle.

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Michael Carr

Group Vice President, CoAssist Pharmacy


Gary Steier

Senior Vice President, Business Development


Narlyn Lopes

Senior Director, Product Management


Jan Nielsen

Division President, AssistRx Patient Solutions 


Adam Stotts

Senior Vice President, Customer Success


Bridget Brennan

Senior Director, Marketing and Communications