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Simplify a Complex System to Get Better Results From Care

Healthcare providers who want a free, comprehensive platform to initiate specialty therapies choose iAssist.


The Intelligent Way to Initiate Specialty Therapies

Efficient, intuitive platform reduces therapy delays, enables patient adherence and gives healthcare providers visibility into the patient journey from prescription through therapy access.

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Comprehensive Specialty Therapy Initiation Platform

Simplify a complex process through automated access support—beyond prior authorization—with specific expertise in the workflow that’s required for patient onboarding and streamlined enrollment for patient support. Eliminate paper forms that are often incomplete, illegible and require multiple calls and faxes.

Automated Solutions and Connectivity

Reduce therapy delays with access to real-time patient- and product-specific benefit information, real-time prior authorizations and the ability to immediately e-prescribe. No other platform delivers all the e-support tools needed for real-time support through the therapy access journey.

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Real-time Patient Status Visibility

Alleviate primary non-adherence through immediate access to patient status from prescription through dispense. Bi-directional communication with specialty pharmacies and patient support providers facilitate informed decision making to speed therapy initiation and improve primary adherence.

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A Comprehensive Platform that Simplifes Therapy Initiation

This cloud-based, all-in-one automated solution simplifies the therapy initiation process and streamlines enrollment for patient support–promptly and compliantly moving patients to therapy.


Automated, Real-time Solutions Reduce Therapy Delays

Direct access to real-time benefit information and prior authorizations, along with the ability to e-prescribe, delivers and efficient and accurate solution that reduces therapy delays and supports a successful patient journey.

Actionable Insights Speed Access and Improve Adherence

Connected, data-driven solution allows proactive patient tracking, support and follow-up through real-time insights into each step of the initiation process, speeding therapy initiation and enhancing patient adherence.

Thousands of healthcare providers choose iAssist

Learn how iAssist has helped thousands of healthcare providers simplify a complex system and get better results from care.

I am loving iAssist! Congrats on the growth iAssist will see in next year. You guys are making life so easy! I have nothing but the most positive things to say about iAssist to each and every pharma company that deals with MS drugs.

Salli, Oceanside, CA, iAssist User

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