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Clarus Announces Strategic Partnerships for JATENZO (testosterone undecanoate) with Vault Health and AssistRx – Leaders in Providing Healthcare Services to Patients


Today, Clarus Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (Clarus) (Nasdaq:CRXT), a pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing solutions to unmet medical needs by advancing androgen and metabolic therapies for men and women, announced that it has partnered with Vault Health, an innovative healthcare company bringing clinical care to people’s homes. Clarus also announced the launch of its new technology-enabled patient access platform for JATENZO (testosterone undecanoate) oral softgel capsules, supported by AssistRx’s access and fulfillment solution, CoAssist, which streamlines the prescription process for healthcare providers and home delivery of JATENZO for patients.


CoAssist, a technology-driven access and fulfillment solution, identifies patients’ comprehensive benefit information, delivers real-time e-prior authorizations and provides immediate copay screening and enrollment. CoAssist speeds the time to JATENZO fulfillment by automating all the support services needed to get a patient started on therapy at the point of prescription. This proactive, digital approach accelerates access and supports improved treatment outcomes.