Who we serve

We believe access to therapy transforms lives and is achieved through the powerful combination of our people and technology.

The trusted partner to deliver leading technology and people solutions that connect every stakeholder, our solutions accelerate patient access to therapy and improve outcomes.

Life Sciences

Life sciences organizations look to AssistRx for an intelligent therapy initiation and patient support solution that improves patient uptake, visibility and outcomes.

Our specialty therapy initiation platform iAssist and our automated, real-time e-support services drive processes, while our patient solutions teams guide patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and specialty pharmacies to simplify a complex system and create better results from care.

These services, combined with AssistRx Patient Solutions Pharmacy, Directive Analytics and therapy-specific care management platform, Caret, make AssistRx the ideal partner for life sciences organizations.

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Healthcare Providers

Using iAssist, healthcare providers can simplify a complex process through automated access support beyond prior authorization. iAssist eliminates paper forms that often lead to incomplete, illegible and missing information, requiring multiple calls and faxes. No other platform delivers all the e-support tools needed for real-time support through the therapy access journey. This efficient, intuitive platform reduces therapy delays, enables patient adherence and gives healthcare providers visibility into the patient journey from prescription through therapy access.

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Specialty Pharmacies

Comprehensive, real-time specialty therapy initiation solutions simplify the process of getting patients on therapy and facilitate therapy journey visibility to improve specialty pharmacies’ operational efficiency and the patient and healthcare provider experience.

Leading specialty pharmacies across the nation have joined the AssistRx Specialty Pharmacy Network to give their patients and healthcare providers quicker access to the patient’s prescribed medication, patient support services and real-time insight into the patient status.

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