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AssistRx Named Among Orlando Sentinel’s Top Workplaces in Central Florida


AssistRx is proud to be recognized by the Orlando Sentinel Media group as a winner of the Central Florida Top Workplaces 2021 Award.


Orlando Sentinel’s Top Workplaces 2021 Award asked AssistRx team members to provide feedback on 15 culture drivers, including alignment, execution, connection and more, to secure AssistRx a place among Central Florida’s top employers.

As a company that provides the healthcare industry with technology- and people-powered solutions, our entire team works diligently to improve the process of getting patients access to their prescribed medications. Whether it is helping patients and their healthcare providers navigate the complex payer landscape, offering affordability solutions or supporting the patient through life-changing diagnoses, each of our team members ends their day feeling fulfilled by the positive impact we have on the people we serve.

Input from our Orlando-based team members—which include nearly every division of our organization, including our technology, patient solutions and support teams—earned AssistRx this top workplace honor. We connected with a few of our #TransformingLives honorees, an internal award recognizing the team members who go above and beyond to transform lives through access to therapy, to get their perspective on what makes AssistRx stand out.

Senior Technical Lead Julio Castenada said the support of his teammates and their dedication to the end user—patients and healthcare providers—set AssistRx apart.

“At AssistRx it is all about the people you work with. You are surrounded by dedicated, hardworking teammates that are focused on the end user. In the development organization, it really feels like all your fellow employees have got your back. All the technical resources have a good handle on their responsibilities and genuinely want to take time from their busy schedules to help or educate. There is a great sense of camaraderie and unity.”

Fellow technology division team member and Senior Software Developer Kenneth Rustemis echoed Julio’s sentiment and said that his teammates’ willingness to guide and mentor others, as well as work that benefits patients in need, made AssistRx a top workplace.

“The leadership and employees at AssistRx really care about the patients helped by our products and services. It is fulfilling knowing that our time and effort is so valuable to people in need,” Kenneth said. “On the IT side of AssistRx, we have hired many top-notch and skilled resources. We have a great team environment where people are always willing to help, guide and mentor others.”

A commitment to transforming lives through access to therapy, AssistRx’s vision, was a common theme. On the marketing team, Content Writer Brianna Hayes believes our impact, plus a dedication to excellence – one of our AssistRx values, makes AssistRx stand out.

“We have the opportunity to transform lives through therapy and see the differences our work makes in the lives of patients. I love working with a team dedicated to excellence and committed to making a long-term impact. Everyone at AssistRx puts the patient first, and this positive, devoted attitude echoes throughout the organization.”

The COVID-19 pandemic required flexibility from every aspect of our organization as we shifted to remote and hybrid work environments. Patient Access Specialist Sandy Thibodeaux noted, “[At AssistRx,] we are treated like family, not just an employee. This was especially apparent during this pandemic where we were granted the privilege of working from home to continue to provide for ourselves and our families.”

At the start of the pandemic, AssistRx instituted two new programs to alleviate some of the burden and hardships caused by COVID-19.

Laptops for Kids – For any team member that found their family unprepared for the sudden shift to remote learning, AssistRx provided decommissioned laptops at no cost. Our organization banded together to ensure no one struggled to gain access to the tools necessary to keep their children engaged in their educations.

COVID Assistance Fund – AssistRx recognized that our team members and their families may have faced financial hardships as other employers closed their doors and/or adjusted their business models. To support team members, AssistRx developed a COVID Assistance Fund, which—in addition providing 40 hours of paid leave for team members sick with COVID or caring for someone with COVID—provided general household, housing, medical, mental health, childcare and funeral support for more than 30 team members.

These initiatives went beyond AssistRx’s established commitment to being an employer of choice in Orlando and in our industry. We’re proud to offer our team members various benefits and perks as part of an effort to support them on a personal and professional level.

In addition to three weeks of PTO, 401(k) with employer match, health, dental, vision and life insurance, birthday and work celebrations and an employee referral program, AssistRx recently launched new rewards and recognition programs to ensure all team members can be recognized for their achievements.

“The talented team at AssistRx inspires me every day. One perk that stands out to me is employee referral awards to help grow the organization with dedicated quality employees,” said Brianna.

An undoubtably popular perk among our team members is the vacation bonus offered to employees who reach their third work anniversary with our organization. This year, Julio is taking advantage of the perk for a family staycation in the greater Orlando area. “This is my first year taking advantage of it, and it is awesome.”

Thanks to all the team members who participated in the Orlando Sentinel Top Workplaces in Central Florida survey. We’re incredibly proud to be represented by a group of people dedicated to transforming lives.

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