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Access All recent FDA-Approved Therapies for Preventative Chronic Migraine Through iAssist


Thursday, September 27th was an exciting day for the migraine community due to the announcement of the third FDA-approved therapy for preventative chronic migraine. With two similar preventative medications approved in May and September of this year, this is a very promising time for chronic and episodic migraine sufferers and their care team.
These three preventative chronic migraine therapies are part of a class of biotech drugs that blocks calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), which is involved in the migraine process. The therapies are administered monthly or quarterly via self-injection. All three therapies are proven to reduce the number of monthly migraine days by about two days versus a placebo.
This is also an exciting time for providers and office staff in the neurology and pain management space given that all CGRP inhibitor brands can be prescribed through the all-in-one digital prescribing solution, iAssist. This configurable technology streamlines the processes related to prescribing, improves speed to therapy and adherence, and allows healthcare professionals to spend more time focused on patient care. Through iAssist, providers and their staff can perform ePrescribing and eEnrollment into manufacturer sponsored programs in one workflow and at the point of care. No more missing information, illegible handwriting, or duplicative work!
iAssist simplifies the prescribing process for migraine preventative medications, delivering a better experience for providers and better outcomes for patients.

iAssist Acceleration Services include:

Electronic Prescription Submission
Certified by Surescripts®, prescribers can submit complete prescription information, so the pharmacy of the prescriber’s choice can fill the prescription quickly. ePrescriptions include starter, bridge programs, maintenance therapy, and supportive supplies.
Electronic Signatures for Patients and Prescribers
Numerous types of patient consent can be captured at the point of care or outside of the office via Prescribers can digitally sign enrollment forms, nursing orders, and attestations.
Electronic Prior Authorization
Healthcare professionals can electronically submit plan-specific PAs via instant connectivity to payers and PBMs or via eFax, and can receive up-to-the-minute status updates on PA requests directly in iAssist.
Financial Assistance and Support Programs
Healthcare professionals can electronically enroll patients in financial assistance programs (e.g. copay, hardship, PAP) and other manufacturer sponsored programs such as injection training or nurse counseling.
Other services include eEligibility, eMedical Benefit Verification, Specialty Pharmacy Selection, and more. Our workflows can be configured by manufacturers to facilitate optimal access to their sponsored programs.
iAssist Neurology Product Portfolio
iAssist can meet all prescribing needs of neurologists, pain management specialists, and their office staff. More than a dozen brands trust iAssist to deliver ePrescribing, eEnrollment, patient solutions services, and more for their MS, Migraine, and Huntington’s Disease therapy products.
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