Technology Solutions

e-Support Services

Empower healthcare and patient support providers with real-time solutions

Connect stakeholders in the enrollment process through real-time, expertise-enhanced solutions that reduce therapy delays and optimize their workflows. Accelerate patient onboarding and ensure timely access to crucial support services. e-Support services can be integrated into iAssist, CRMs, branded engagement websites and life sciences organizations’ brand websites.

e-consent with iAssist


Electronic capture of patient consent in the office, or via email, branded engagement site or This improves speed to therapy and ensures patient access to manufacturer-sponsored support programs.

e-eligibility with iAssist


Reduce therapy delays with access to real-time patient- and product-specific benefit information, real-time prior authorizations and the ability to immediately e-prescribe. No other platform delivers all the e-support tools needed for real-time support through the therapy access journey.

Real-time Pharmacy Benefits with iAssist

Real-time Pharmacy Benefits

Alleviate primary non-adherence through immediate access to patient status from prescription through dispense. Bi-directional communication with specialty pharmacies and patient support providers facilitate informed decision making to speed therapy initiation and improve primary adherence.

Advanced Benefit Verification with iAssist

Advanced Benefit Verification

Leveraging multiple data sources and proprietary algorithms, this solution provides immediate and expanded patient coverage results for all therapies in real-time. Results include patient coverage, patient out-of-pocket cost, drug access restrictions and fill options for all therapies. This solution also includes monitoring and reporting to improve price transparency and informed decision making on an ongoing basis.

Real-time Electronic Prior Authorization

Real-time e-PA

Intuitive, automated solution for submitting PAs in near real-time—improving processing time from days to minutes. This smart solution provides connectivity for real-time e-PA submission for more than 80% of covered lives in the market.

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Capture of patient and provider information to enable enrollment into patient solutions. This digital, proactive tool improves your operational efficiency, while ensuring patients receive timely access to crucial services that support adherence.

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Financial Assistance Access

Real-time access to financial assistance availability, eligibility and enrollment. This reduces paperwork, enables informed decision making and speeds patient access to therapy with affordability.

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Patient Services Access

Through a single, automated solution, your team may digitally access and enroll patients in additional support services to reduce the back-and-forth and increase speed to therapy.

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Specialty Pharmacy Selection

Connected to more than 77,000 pharmacies through the Surescripts network, this tool enables e-prescription to the specialty pharmacy of the provider’s or patient’s choice—with direct specialty pharmacy integrations to facilitate patient status visibility.

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Bi-directional Communication

Immediate access to patient status from prescription through dispense through integrations with specialty pharmacies, copay vendors, data aggregators and more. This empowers your team and the healthcare providers you serve with informed decision making to speed therapy initiation and improve primary adherence.

Balanced and Unique

Streamline enrollment, reduce therapy disruptions and utilize real-time visibility to create unique, informed connectivity that improves program experience and outcomes.

Innovative and Interoperable

Utilize technology that works seamlessly with the systems and processes that support a successful patient journey. The entire AssistRx platform is flexible, scalable and interoperable with today’s technology standards.

Proven and Performance-Minded

AssistRx is the only independent provider of an integrated solution, offering the dual benefit of a stable, mature company that delivers with the nimble, responsive attitude of an entrepreneurial team.