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AssistRx Supports Napo Pharmaceuticals with iAssist Platform to Enhance Patient Access to Mytesi


Today, Napo Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Jaguar Health, announced it has launched iAssist as the web-based component of the NapoCares patient support program. iAssist will automate and streamline the patient prescription process for Mytesi, a non-opioid, plant-based therapy approved for the symptomatic relief of noninfectious diarrhea in adult patients with HIV/AIDS receiving antiretroviral therapy.

iAssist is designed to simplify the prescription process by providing electronic prescribing, prior authorizations, signatures and patient consent, as well as instant access to patient eligibility information, customized enrollment forms and access to all iAssist features any time from a PC or mobile device.

AssistRx has extensive experience supporting HIV patients, and a significant percentage of Mytesi providers already leverage the iAssist platform as part of their practice workflow, making AssistRx’s specialty therapy initiation platform the natural choice for improving patient access and streamlining communications between prescribers, pharmacies, patients and payers